Tiebreaker Bow Ties at the Big Fake Wedding

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Tiebreaker Bow Ties offers products that combine vintage design and unique textiles with a focus on upholding sustainable fashion practices. Whether you are dressing for a day in the office, a night on the town, or your wedding day, I aim to provide high-quality, handmade pieces that are both timeless and unique to your style - accessories that you love today and value for years to come. 

Tiebreaker Bow Ties' products are designed and constructed with both quality and sustainability in mind. Each product is developed slowly with a focus on the details, from the fabric to the stitching to the packaging. I do my best to work with only responsibly sourced materials including vintage fabrics and salvaged textile waste - fabric swatches, remnants from fabric stores, sample pieces, and second-hand clothing, to name a few. Since these fabrics are often limited in quantity, there are just a handful of each design made. Care is taken when designing patterns to reduce waste, and remnants are often re-tailored into new products. Finally, I source packaging made from recycled materials whenever possible. Every time you shop with Tiebreaker Bow Ties your pieces are produced ethically and sustainably, start to finish by me, Katie.

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The Maker Behind Tiebreaker Bow Ties

Katie Gloede of Tiebreaker Bow TiesHi! I'm Katie, the owner and maker behind Tiebreaker Bow Ties. I create all of the products start to finish in my small studio in Northern Maine. I have always loved crafting and creating things with my hands, especially one-of-a-kind, heartfelt gifts for friends and family. After years of watching my mom sew my clothes, halloween costumes, show choir outfits, and everything in between, I decided it was time to learn. As I honed my skills, I realized that I love crafting exceptional pieces that reflect your personal style and add a special touch to your day.